Healing Light Therapy From Head to Toe


March 11, 2024

Light therapy works as a healing treatment from head to toe.

Author Denyse Ryan is global VP of brand management at Celluma Light Therapy. She writes and speaks internationally about the science and benefits of low-level light therapy.

While many spa professionals understand the healing benefits of light therapy for skin health, many may not be as aware of the incredible benefits of light therapy as a healing treatment for general pain conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasm, joint pain and more.

The whole-body healing benefits of light therapy go well beyond skin deep. We all know that complete wellness is a function of not only looking good but feeling good on the inside as well. When our insides are not healthy, it is often reflected in the appearance of our skin. Whether through poor diet, hormonal changes or other lifestyle habits, our skin can reveal a great deal about what’s going on inside our bodies.

For example, acne can be a persistent medical condition impacting men and women of all ages and can affect the face, chest, back, shoulders and arms. Those who suffer from even mild acne may feel self-conscious and want to hide from the outside world. However, combination blue and red light therapy can be a powerful treatment option for acne sufferers.

Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria while red light reduces inflammation, pimples and the redness associated with acne. A reduction in lesions and an overall improvement in the tone and texture of the skin is often seen in just a matter of weeks.

Light therapy has also been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss. There is substantial research that supports light therapy’s ability to regrow hair lost due to androgenetic alopecia with minimal side effects and adverse events.

Turning Back the Clock

The older we get, the more we must pay attention to minimizing aging concerns. A significant factor leading to wrinkles, fine lines and even musculoskeletal issues is inadequate collagen levels. Think of collagen as the building block of our cellular health: It really is the glue that holds us all together. As we age, our bodies just don’t produce collagen in the same way as when we were younger. Light therapy gives our cells the boost of energy needed to upgrade our collagen production through enhanced fibroblast stimulation.

Increased fibroblast activity is just one benefit of light therapy. Fibroblasts make collagen fibers, so it makes sense that the more healthy fibroblasts we have, the more (and better) collagen fibers are made. Healthy collagen levels deliver a glowing complexion, firmer skin, stronger nails, denser bones and healthy hair.

Collagen is also an essential component for keeping muscles, joints and tendons in healthy working order. The red and near-infrared wavelengths used in FDA-cleared, medical grade light therapy devices can enhance the body’s natural ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating
fibroblast cells. These safe, natural wavelengths provide light energy that helps our bodies heal from the inside out.

Modern Pain Management

healing light - light therapy - healing treatment - celluma light therapy

What many may not realize is just how effective infrared light therapy can be for the treatment of painful injuries and joints. Infrared wavelengths, particularly near-infrared, provide a plethora of benefits and penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to target muscle and joint issues at the source, offering much needed support for people who suffer from pain, inflammation or arthritis.

Whether they are looking for pain relief from a chronic condition or are healing from a specific injury (i.e., ankle sprain, strained muscle or tennis elbow), red and near-infrared light therapy can be an easy, effective treatment option.

When it comes to effective treatment of pain conditions with red and near infrared light therapy, the wavelength is the key to success. Compared to blue light therapy, near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate deep into the muscle and joint tissue to alleviate a variety of common pain conditions, increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

Infrared light therapy provides compromised cells with extra energy to accelerate natural healing and tissue repair, foster cell production and restore homeostasis within the body.

Whole Body, Whole Family Wellness

Medical grade LED devices are reviewed for both efficacy and safety by the appropriate regulatory agencies, such as the FDA. Make sure you are using an LED device that is FDA-cleared for the conditions you are interested in treating. For ease of use and maximum versatility, look for a multifunctional device that can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté, as well as around body parts including shoulders, knees, elbows and more.

healing light - light therapy - healing treatment - celluma light therapy

The beneficial healing effects of LED light therapy require specific energy delivery. Using the correct parameters promotes and enhances tissue repair, reduces pain and improves acne, in addition to other clinical benefits. Measured in Joules, the appropriate dose delivered at or close to the surface of the skin should be between 2 to 10 J/cm².

It’s important to note that light therapy effectiveness depends on the amount of energy absorbed by the cells during the treatment session and not the power output of the device. The closer the light can be placed to the tissue, the more readily the energy is absorbed.

Importantly, light pulsing adds a higher level of sophistication and effectiveness to an LED treatment. Delivering light energy in a pulsed manner has been shown to enhance the cells’ ability to absorb more energy over the treatment period.

Whether you are looking to help your guests combat hair loss; the aches, pains and wrinkles that come with aging; or acne-prone skin, light therapy is a natural method to improve cellular performance so that these clients can heal from the inside out.

Low-level light therapy is an effective and safe treatment that is also noninvasive and painless. The healing power of light will allow you to help your clients look good on the outside and feel good on the inside!

healing light - light therapy - healing treatment - celluma light therapy

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